My Manifesto

This is it. My first post.

Why do this? Well, why not? We have been quarantined in our homes for awhile now. My first day at home in Michigan was March 13 – a Friday. That was the kids’ last day of school, most likely for the rest of the school year. That announcement recently came from our governor. But really, this blog is meant to be about our houses. Because I love interior design yet cannot leave my house to go to my second job at Pottery Barn. And because everyone’s house is getting a bit more scrutiny: from others via Zoom conference calls and FaceTime with family and friends, and from ourselves because we just.never.leave.

I have some goals for this website and blog.

  • Provide a creative outlet for myself and engage readers through a combination of inspirational and IRL interior design content.
  • Connect with and promote the work of others in the home design field who have ties to this area (East Lansing/Michigan State University).
  • Develop a community — with the ultimate goal of opening a brick and mortar storefront in East Lansing.

I am inspired by so many people in my community and I want to use this blog to talk to them, feature them, and learn from them.

Furthermore, I love everything about home and design. Nearly eight years ago, I started a different blog to talk about my inspiration and document my own home decorating evolution. Then, I worked as a decorator to “finish” organized spaces. Since that ended, I have taken on a few small projects each year. This past fall (holiday 2019) I started working part-time at our local Pottery Barn as a sales associate – dream job! – and was asked to stay on after the season ended as a visuals associate, arranging store displays. I am also currently enrolled in an interior design program through the New York Institute of Art and Design.

My motto is “making the world better by making the spaces we live and work more beautiful.” I firmly believe in engaging the senses in decorating a space: how do things look, how does it feel, does it smell good? I believe function is the guiding principle but that that almost never means it has to be boring or uninspiring. And, you don’t need loads of money to have a lovely home that makes YOU happy. Let’s all take pride in the places where we live and work!

This will likely be the only post without photos. Let’s get started!

Published by eastlansinghome

Carrie Sampson is a longtime resident of East Lansing, Michigan. She has worked in nonprofit communications for over 20 years and in the last decade has become increasingly interested in interior design and issues related to the built environment. Carrie has served as a commissioner on the East Lansing Historic District Commission since 2018. She has written the Eye Candy and Eye for Design columns in the Lansing City Pulse since 2019. To learn more or to work with her, send an email to mrscarrsamp AT gmail DOT com.

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